We can tell you which Chicago Neighborhood you are most like, based on your answers to these questions. You ready?
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You Got Wicker Park!
You're trendy, but approachable. You like having variety at your fingertips, but also like when it's affordable and unique. You're cool. Like the 80's.

Fall is the perfect time to explore more of this neighborhood and find your new favorite joint. Check out our Bucktown/Wicker Park food tour to get acquainted to the area!
You Got The West Loop!
You like to stay "on the up and up" and are always trying to be hip. You have high energy and like to try new things, but like when it's semi-familiar and not too crazy. You bring energy to the room!

Check out our West Loop food tour to get acquainted to the area and all the amazing food it offers.
Explore The West Loop
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You Got The Chinatown Neighborhood!
Wow - you're pretty adventurous and like to try new things. We bet you help other people step out of their comfort zone too. That's awesome!

This Chicago neighborhood has so much to offer - food, culture, history! Learn the ins and outs of Chinatown and create moments you won't forget on our Chinatown Adventure!
Explore Chinatown
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You Got Old Town!
You're classic Chicago. You're good natured and sometimes hang with the "cool" kids, but you you'd rather watch da Bears at a dive bar than anywhere else. You've probably "got a guy" for just about everything.

Enjoy a classic neighborhood and explore Old Town on the Second City Classic neighborhood food experience. We'll introduce you to your new favorite "guy".
Explore Old Town
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